Saturday, May 31, 2008

Three acclaimed films

We have three classic, Oscar-winning films on the New shelves for your viewing pleasure:
Midnight Cowboy stars Jon Voight as a naive Texan who comes to New York City to seek his fortune - whatever way he can. Cold, broke and out of his depth, he meets petty criminal Ratso Rizzo (played by Dustin Hoffman ). Hoffman's belligerent, fast-talking Rizzo became the stereotype for New Yorkers (remember the scene of him pounding on a car hood, yelling "I'm walking here!"). It's a bleak movie with a very sad ending, and is well worth watching.
Rocky was the film that catapulted Sylvester Stallone to stardom. Winner of the Best Picture Oscar in 1976, it is the ultimate underdog story. Stallone plays a small-time boxer who seems destined for a washed-up life until he gets the chance to fight the world heavyweight champion. It's his only chance to turn his life around.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is a film adaptation of Edward Albee's acclaimed play. Directed by the talented Mike Nichols and starring the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, it is a searing portrayal of a miserable marriage. You can't help but wonder if the performances would have been as good if Taylor and Burton didn't have a famously stormy relationship off-screen. As it was, Taylor's acting won her an Academy Award and many critics feel this is her best film.
It's not exactly movie-watching weather (thank goodness!) but when the rain comes back, you should make a point of watching these excellent films.

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