Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hobbies, sports & crafts database

We are test-driving a new database here at the public library, and we would love to have some public input about this great new resource. If you are already a patron of our online car repair and small engine repair databases, then this one is very similar but with a completely different focus: hobbies, crafts and sports.
This online database contains magazine and newspaper articles, book excerpts, patterns, photos, even videos on a wide range of recreational topics, from fishing to fabric painting, caving to card games, knitting to knives. With almost 150 different craft & hobby topics to choose from, you can look for embroidery patterns, hints on fly-tying, advice on cake decorating and glass working, and recipes for beer brewing.
Simply go to our website and click on the pair of gold scissors in the middle of the page. Once you're in the database, you can either browse by topic or search for something specific. You can even look through their selection of Kids' crafts and Christmas crafts. This is a 30-day trial, and we are eager to hear what our patrons think of this new service. Once you've had time to poke around, please email us and tell us what you think....

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