Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music for the New Year

Life is so much more interesting with a soundtrack, and I have some suggestions for the weeks ahead. To make things easier, I've put them into two groups, depending on whether you're a 'glass half-full' or 'glass half-empty' kind of person:
The half-empty folk: what other choice is there except the blues?
  • Skin Deep by the legendary Buddy Guy
  • Keep it Simple from Van Morrison
  • Two Men With the Blues features Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis
  • Where the Light Is by John Mayer
The half-full folk: peppy tunes and fun lyrics to keep you happy
  • Everything to Everyone from the Barenaked Ladies
  • Tropical Brainstorm from Kirsty MacColl
  • One Thousand & One Nights by Said Mrad (a real toe-tapper)
  • Gold: ABBA's greatest hits (cheesy but infectious)
Do you have any suggestions of great library CDs to ring in the New Year? Post your ideas and share your musical tastes with the rest of us. A Happy and Safe New Year to everyone....

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