Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 new history titles

For the history buffs amongst you, we have three interesting new books on the shelves.
In the Bunker With Hitler, by Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven is about an authentic account of that period that you could hope to read. von Loringhoven was an aide-de-camp to Hitler, and was present at the bunker during the last nine months of Hitler's life. He was allowed to leave the bunker - with Hitler's permission - the day before Hitler's suicide. His recollection of that time is a fascinating piece of material.
Going back a little further in time we have Aces Falling: war above the trenches, 1918, by Peter Hart. The introduction of aircraft into the military arsenal changed things greatly in WWI and initially the commanders of ground forces weren't sure how to counteract the bombs that rained down on them from the planes above. But by 1918 things had shifted, as more defensive weapons and maneuvers were being devised to dampen the threat of aircraft attacks. Craft does a wonderful job of describing air warfare during the waning days of WWI.
Continue back with me as we examine another seminal historical event: the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857. For the 150th anniversary of this tragic period, historian Julian Spilsbury has written The Indian Mutiny. No one comes out good in this story, and it was a horrific summer for everyone involved. Spilsbury explains the simmering racial and religious tensions that led up to the rebellion, the horrible massacres, and the aftershocks which reached all the way to London.

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