Tuesday, March 11, 2008

House Lust

My father grew up in a family of seven with one bathroom. Decades later, I know childless couples that wouldn't dream of living in a house without at least two bathrooms. Everybody now has to have a dishwasher, a mudroom, and walk-in closets. Making your kids share a bedroom (gasp!) is considered cruel and unusual. And how do we get these fabulous houses with all this space and dozens of amenities? We borrow a huge amount of money and purchase homes we can't possibly afford.
With dire news about foreclosure rates and plummeting home sales appearing daily, what better time to read Daniel McGinn's new book - House Lust: America's obsession with our homes. McGinn examines the change in American culture over the last few decades, and the way that more Americans have begun to use their homes to display their wealth and status. He also talks about the recent popularity of real estate investment and the growing idea that savvy deals are the quick and easy way to a fortune. He peppers his book with true accounts of home owners and investors from across the country. Reading this book is a little like reading a Gothic novel; you can see the danger coming. You know the heroine shouldn't wander around the mysterious house alone at night, but you're powerless to stop her.

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Anonymous said...

What a kind and thoughtful review of my book. For more info on it, feel free to visit my website, www.houselustthebook.com. And thanks fo reading!
Dan McGinn