Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Great Generals series

For those of you who are interested in military history, reading about great battles and military tactics is a source of enjoyment. And, of course, reading about the military minds behind those tactics is no less interesting. We have a series of biographies about great Generals that you should check out, and we have just received our sixth installment in the series: Bradley by Alan Axelrod. We also have biographies of Eisenhower, Grant, MacArthur, Patton and Stonewall Jackson. These books aren't very long (generally about 200 pages), but they are a really nice supplement to other history books that are more concerned about events and politics than personalities and motivations. The series editor is retired General Wesley K. Clark, and in his foreword to Bradley, he discusses the impact that Bradley had on the "style and substance" of the United States Army. As nice as it is to read a biography written by an historian, seeing what a person's peers have to say about them is always enlightening. If you haven't browsed through this particular series, I recommend a closer look.

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