Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Are Open For Business!

Well, we have re-opened our doors after being closed for three days and we now have our new software system in place. We are already creating a 'punch list' of things that need to be fixed, and putting them in descending order of horribleness (which I'm pretty sure is not a word). However, when we got the call from the software people late yesterday that we were good to go, it was very exciting to use the system for the first time. Web-based training and sample databases have their place, I guess, but nothing brings it home like using your own computers and your own catalog. If you get the chance to drop in today, you will notice that we have our party faces on. There is cake, coffee and balloons and a feeling of stoic optimism. On Saturday we will have members of the Ketchikan Public Library Teen Advisory Group here to help people learn how to use our new catalog (no more green font on a black screen!). The teens came in on Tuesday afternoon to learn the catalog - iBistro - themselves, and the consensus was that it was much easier to use than our old catalog. They might be a little shy at first, but they are very helpful and will be readily available.
As a side note, I would like to extend a heartfelt 'Thank You' to whoever dropped the 5-lb bag of peanut M&Ms into our bookdrop at the beginning of the week. They're not quite all gone, but the bag has been a source of constant comfort these last few days.
So please come in, check us out, search for a book, and put us through our paces. And thanks for being patient.....

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