Friday, March 28, 2008

Lobster Tales

We have two new books that share very little except the fact that I can use them to make an appalling pun for this posting.

Atomic Lobster, by Tim Dorsey, is a follow-up to his popular novels Hurricane Punch and Big Bamboo. Set in Tampa, the series involves slapstick action, over-the-top characters, sex, violence and lots of laughs. Fast-paced and crazy, this is a good choice for readers who like a little blood with their humor.

Last Night at the Lobster, by Stewart O'Nan, takes place at the other end of the Atlantic seaboard, in a snowy Connecticut town. Focusing on small-town, working-class life, Last Night tells the story of a conscientious manager of a chain restaurant that's being shut down. Determined to make the last night a triumph of organization and good service, Manny finds he is alone in his relentless drive to be positive. Not a lot of action, but very true to life.

And if fiction just isn't your bag, then try The Lobster Chronicles: life on a very small island, by Linda Greenlaw. The fishery might be a bit different, but the life is very similar to that of Southeast Alaska.

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