Tuesday, March 4, 2008

AkLA 2008

Well, I have just gotten back from the statewide library conference that was held in Fairbanks, and it was a great conference. The keynote speaker was Kee Malesky, who is an NPR librarian, and her speech was fascinating. Listening to her talk about working with Scott Simon and Dan Schorr was great! I didn't see any northern lights, because I didn't feel like getting up in the middle of the night, but there were large groups of tourists clambering on to buses at 10 pm to drive around looking at the lights.
I gave a session on constructing websites and blogs for small libraries (which means libraries without large budgets, staffs, or a dedicated IT department). The Google-hosted programs are free, easy to use and quick to throw together, so I hope the information was helpful. If you missed the session, or if you came and would like to see the slides as a refresher, I have posted all the information from the session here:
Step-by-step instructions for creating a website: http://www.firstcitylibraries.org/website.htm
Step-by-step instructions for creating a blog: http://www.firstcitylibraries.org/blog.htm
Power point slides with screen shots from the Google website developer: http://www.firstcitylibraries.org/AkLA2008.ppt (This one will take some time to download, I'm afraid, as it is 1.33MB)
If you do develop a website using any of this information, I would love to see it! Please email me with your link, and good luck!

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