Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Agatha who?

I don’t know what the appeal of Agatha Christie is based on – she wasn’t a fabulous wordsmith, her characters (especially Hercule Poirot) didn’t really develop much over time, and she had this maddening habit of not giving up all the clues before revealing the identity of the murderer. Poirot would get a telegram from overseas, or Miss Marple would deduct the identity based on another case she knew of years ago, but it was always some secret piece of information that you – the reader – was never privy to. But despite all that, I love her books and have read them multiple times. Based on the worn, tatty condition of some of our copies here at the library, many other people have been reading and loving them also. So, not only have we started refurbishing our current collection with crisp, clean new copies, we have also started adding a few more titles. Our newest crop includes:

Hercule Poirot –

· The A.B.C. murders
· Appointment with death
· Evil under the sun
· Murder in Mesopotamia
· The murder of Roger Ackroyd
· Murder on the Orient Express
· The mysterious affair at Styles
· The mystery of the Blue Train
· Sad cypress

Miss Marple:
· 4:50 from Paddington
· The moving finger
· Murder at the vicarage

So rediscover the queen of crime, and keep an eye out for new titles in the coming months.

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