Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Maybe it’s because it’s an hour or two before dinner while I write this, but the recipes in Barbecue Nation, by Fred Thompson, sound delicious. The term ‘barbecue’ is pretty all encompassing, and can mean just about anything grilled over flame. So while some of the recipes here deal with the smoky, tomato-based sauce slathered over pork, other dishes are out of the ordinary. Portobello mushroom burgers with basil-mustard sauce, Italian grilled pork chops with grilled leeks, and grilled shrimp with tamarind sauce are just a few of the delectable treats in this book. Thompson also includes side dishes, appetizers, marinades, vegetables and desserts. The recipes all come from dedicated barbecue fanatics from around the country, and represent a plethora of regional flavors and traditions. Salmon recipes from North Carolina, though? Hmph.

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