Friday, June 15, 2007

Mergers and Acquisitions

Young college grads clawing their way up the career ladder in the financial district of New York City. Manhattan socialites, private clubs, swanky restaurants, Armani suits. Think Bright Lights, Big City in 2006. Well-written, realistic fiction by someone who actually lived the life. A glimpse of the high-life, where perks and pampering are the goal of a very bloody fight for the top spot, the corner office. And you know what? Mergers and Acquisitions is chock-full of the type of people that should be drop-kicked into the Hudson. Good book, really interesting, but my strong antipathy for the characters couldn’t save it for me. Your flashy Manhattan life is hollow? You’re unfulfilled by your $250,000 a year job? Bummer.

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