Friday, June 22, 2007

A Top Ten List

People love top ten lists: pet peeves, fashion must-haves, romantic destinations, movies of all time. You name it, and someone has quantified it and ranked it. So, as not to be left behind, here is a list of the TOP TEN MAGAZINES at the public library, based on the number of times each issue is read.

  1. Cottage Living

  2. Discover

  3. Beadwork

  4. Mother Earth News

  5. Backwoods Home

  6. People

  7. This Old House

  8. American Craft

and 4 magazines tied for the last two spots:

  • Bead & Button

  • Brides

  • Cooking Light

  • National Geographic

If you haven't looked at any of these magazines before, stop by and check out what why people are interested. All of our magazines - with the exception of the most current issue - can be checked out for three weeks.
Tomorrow, I'll give the Top Ten LEAST Read Magazines.

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