Friday, June 29, 2007

Beloved Series

Finding a good series is like finding a bowl of M&Ms: you can’t sample just one. So when you’re hooked on a series, you wait with baited breath until the next installment comes out and you can find out what dangerous, or wacky, escapades your beloved protagonist gets into. And here at the library, we just happen to have a few new titles, so you can exhale now.
Seventeenth-century Spanish swordsman Captain Diego Alatriste is back in The Sun Over Breda, by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Fans of the historical novels of Patrick O’Brian and Bernard Cornwell will enjoy the adventures of Alatriste as he leads his band of soldiers against the Dutch during the Battle of Flanders. Lots of action and wonderful period detail make this a great series to follow, and I hope Perez-Reverte continues the narrative.
Helen Tursten has added a new installment to her series about Swedish detective Irene Huss, of the Goteborg crime force. A hard-boiled mystery with a female lead – think Prime Suspect – The Glass Devil involves the puzzling murder of a young teacher and his parents, perhaps the work of a Satanic cult. Huss travels to England to see if the only surviving member of the family has any clues that will help solve the mystery.
Journey back to medieval Europe – a particularly horrible time to have lived in – with Alan Gordon, and watch events unfold in The Lark’s Lament. Theopolis, a jester with the Fool’s Guild, must solve a mystery in a monastery with the help of his wife and daughter.

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